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1. After signing up on Bidzapp, what next?

Search for products you are interested in using the search bar or browse available auctions from the homepage. Buy tickets for auctions you are interested in and participate in as many auctions as you’d like.

2. Can I buy products without participating in an auction on Bidzapp?

No, products can only be bought if you participate in and win the auction.

3. How do I pay for a ticket/ product?

You may use a Credit card, Debit card or any UPI method.

4. How do I participate in an auction?

All registered auctions will appear in the ‘Ongoing’ tab under the ‘My Auctions’ page.
You will receive notifications informing you of upcoming auctions that you are registered for.
Navigate to the ‘Ongoing’ tab under the ‘My Auctions’ page when the auction is about to start.
Place bids from the ‘Ongoing’ auctions tab directly or click on the relevant auction and enter the auction page to participate.

5. I’m not sure if I can participate in an auction, can I save the ticket to buy later?

Yes, you may wishlist auctions by pressing the heart icon in the top right corner of the tickets. All wishlisted auctions will be saved to your profile and you may visit them later in case you decide to buy the ticket and participate in the auction.

6. I used up all of my bids but none of them were accepted?

Only the fastest bid is accepted for every bid window. If you were not fast enough in placing your bid then your bid will not be accepted

7. I was the fastest to bid but my bid was not accepted?

The system registers bids in the milliseconds. The margin for winning a bid window is very slim.

8. My internet connection was bad, how is it my fault that I lost?

Bidzapp auctions depend on timing and speed, both of which depend upon a strong internet connection. It is recommended that you use a strong and fast internet connection when participating in a Bidzapp auction.

9. What do I need to know regarding an auction?

Each individual ticket gives you access to the specified auction only.
Tickets are non-refundable (unless Bidzapp cancels the auction) and non-transferable under any circumstance.
In case of auction cancellation, Bidzapp will refund the ticket price.
In case of any changes to any auction date or time, you will be informed up to 48 hours prior.
Upon purchase of a ticket, all users are entitled to participate in trial auctions.
A ticket entitles the user to entry to the auction with a maximum of 10 bids.
You choose when to attempt to bid.
Every attempt to bid will reduce your remaining bids by 1.
Only the fastest bid per bid window is accepted as the winning bid, also shown on the auction screen as ‘Last Bid Accepted’ for all participants to see. So plan your bid attempts carefully.
There is a predetermined and limited number of bid windows per auction.
Bid windows are 15 seconds long only with a 2 second break between each bid window.
The final bid window will be preceded by a break of 15 seconds.

10. How do I win an auction?

For example, if the number of bid windows in an auction is 50 then:

Scenario 1 - If no participant places a Bid in a certain bid window between 1-49, then the auction closes at the price flashing in the window where no bid was placed, and the winner of the auction is the ‘Last Bid Accepted’ (fastest bidder in the previous Bid window).
Scenario 2 - Auction winner gets decided in last bid window bid (Window no. 50): This will be determined by the following criteria, in descending order of priority -
- Least number of bids remaining.
- Fastest average bidding time (If the above condition is a tie).
- Earliest time of ticket purchase (If above two conditions are a tie).

11. How can I claim my rewards/products?

All rewards can be found in the ‘Participated’ tab under the ‘My Auctions’ page.
All users must go through a KYC verification process before they can pay for a product.

12. How can I redeem my coupons?

Coupons can be found in the ‘Participated’ tab under the ‘My Auctions’ page.
Alternatively, you may navigate to the ‘Coupons’ page from the bottom of your screen to see all coupons currently in your possession.

13. Can I get money instead of the product/ coupon?

Products, coupons and rewards of any kind provided cannot be exchanged for money.

14. How can I trust that the products in the auctions are not fake?

We partner only with trusted and authorised sellers.

15. What happens if I miss an auction?

Bidzapp cannot do anything if you miss an auction that you have bought a ticket for. Money for the ticket will not be refunded if you miss an auction.

16. What if I get a phone call during an auction?

Bidzapp auctions are time based. If you are interrupted from participating in any way, you risk the chance of losing the auction.

17. How many people participated in an auction?

Bidzapp takes user privacy very seriously and does not disclose user details in any way. Bidzapp does not disclose how many participants there are in an auction.

18. Can I buy more bids for an auction?

All participants of an auction get a fixed number of bids and extra bids cannot be bought.

19. Can I get a refund? Can I be refunded for a ticket for an auction I can no longer attend?

Tickets are non-refundable (unless Bidzapp cancels the auction) and non-transferable under any circumstance.

20. What happens if I do not claim my product within the time limit?

You must claim your product within the specified time limit given which depends upon the product.

21. What happens if I do not claim my coupon before the deadline?

The coupon will have an expiry date.
If it is unclaimed by the given date, then the coupon will expire and cannot be used.

22. What type of products can I get on Bidzapp?

Bidzapp offers products from a wide range of categories including Mobiles, Electronics, and Vouchers.

23. Where can I learn how to Bidzapp?

Please click on the following link to watch the Bidzapp tutorial:
You may also click on the option titled ‘How Bidzapp works’ from the side menu on the home screen.

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