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Each individual ticket gives you access to the specified auction only. Upon purchase of a ticket, all users (individuals 18 years of age or older), are entitled to participate in trial auctions.
Tickets are non-refundable (unless Bidzapp cancels the auction) and non-transferable under any circumstance (i.e they are issued and belong only to the registered user/Bidzapp Customer). In case of auction cancellation, Bidzapp will refund the ticket price for the cancelled auction. In case of any change to an announced auction date or time, you will be informed of the change at least 48 hours before rescheduled/ new date or time.


A ticket entitles you to enter the auction with a maximum of ten (10) bids.
You choose when to attempt/place/enter your bid in the bid window.
Each auction will have a predetermined and limited number of bid windows.
Bid windows are 15 seconds long only with a 2 second break between each bid window.
Before the final bid window is activated there will be a break of 15 seconds.
Every bid you enter/place , reduces your total number of bids by one (1).
Only the fastest bid per bid window placed by an individual is accepted as the winning bid, also shown on the auction screen as ‘Last Bid Accepted’ for all participants to see. So, plan your bid attempts carefully.


Bid increments (meaning the way bid amounts increase during an auction) are dynamic and will vary depending upon the product on auction.

The increment figure mentioned in each Bid Window gets added to the price for the next bid window till the auction finishes.


Take for example, a Washing Machine is on auction and the number of pre-determined bid windows for this particular auction is 50: There are two ways you can come out the the winner.

Scenario 1 - Auction winner gets decided in Bid Window 1 to 49: in case you place a bid, and then if no other participant places a bid between bid window 1-49, or if someone places a bid between bid window 1-49 after which there is no other bid placed, then:

the auction closes at the price flashing in the window where no bid was placed, and the winner of the auction is the ‘Last Bid Accepted’(fastest bidder in the previous Bid window), which could be you if there was no bid placed after you or the person who bid last and whose bid appears as “Last Bid Accepted’.

Scenario 2 - Auction winner gets decided in last bid window bid (Window no. 50) : The winner in this case will be decided as per the following criteria, in descending order of priority.

1) Least number of bids remaining; or: (in case of a tie where both participants have the same number of bids remaining):

2) Fastest average bidding; or: ( in case of a tie where both participants have the same speed/fasted average):

3) Earliest time of ticket purchase (if above two conditions result in a tie).

The winner of the auction will receive an Auction Confirmation Note (ACN) which will specify the product won in auction and the amount due.

The identification number on the ACN must be used to make the product claim and payments as described below.


All auction wins must be claimed by the winner by making the payment within 48 hours of the auction closing for that product.

For all vouchers auctioned on Bidzapp, the online payment gateway available on the application may be used within the 48 hour time limit from the end of the specific auction.

For all other products, the Customer may call the Bidzapp Helpline within the 48 hour time period to receive details for payment and delivery.

Payment Instruction will be generated and payments must be paid in FULL on the online payment gateway provided. For all products claimed, customers pay the entirety of GST(if applicable) in addition to the price they win the product at.

No part payment against Payment Instruction will be accepted as a valid claim of the win. All payments are to be cleared within the specified time limit and no extension of time will be granted under any circumstance.


In case of any technical issues in the middle of the auction process, the auction will be restarted from the beginning. If for any reason the auction cannot be restarted or rescheduled then and only in such event, Bidzapp will reissue or revalidate the ticket for further use. All decisions in this regard will be determined by Bidzapp at this sole discretion. Our Bidzapp Helpdesk is here to help you. Once you contact the Bidzapp Helpdesk as provided below, we will use all reasonable effort to resolve the issue and ensure that Bidzapp Platform and Services are up and running as soon as reasonably possible.


The highest bidder will be accepted and announced as the ‘Last Accepted Bid’, only if the bid was placed as per all applicable Bidzapp and Auction terms and conditions.

Any bid placed other than by an individual user’s personal skill and effort will lead to automatic disqualification. The bid will be cancelled and responsible party or parties will be debarred from any future Bidzapp auction . The highest bidder in such cases loses/forfeits any right to demand acceptance of the bid.

Bidzapp reserves the right to reject or cancel any such disqualified bid even after acceptance of the bid, or issue of the ACN or delivery of the Product.

In the event Bidzapp is notified of any attempt or use of malpractice, manipulation or use of any technical tools, or use of API, or any automated bidding process or breach of intellectual property rights of Bidzapp such as reverse engineering, to place bids or win an auction, Bidzapp reserves all rights and remedies available in law to recover damages and costs to the fullest extent available under law at the sole cost of those in breach of these provisions.

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